Имян Отчествович Фамильев (nomen_nescio) wrote,
Имян Отчествович Фамильев

Рассказывает проф. Давид Голинкин

The prevalence of this type of great-grandson in Israel today was confirmed to me at Ben Gurion Airport last week. The young woman at the check-in counter, a 25-year-old Sabra, engaged me in the following conversation in Hebrew:

“I see you’re a Professor. May I ask of what?”
DG: “Talmud.”
“What is Talmud? Is it like Tanakh (the Bible)?”
DG: “It is sort of like a twenty-volume commentary on the Tanakh.”
“Is it like the New Testament?”
DG: “No, not at all.”
She persisted: “So it’s from the period of the Tanakh?”
DG: “No, it was written 1,000 years later.”
Then I asked: “Tell me, didn’t you learn Torah Shebe’al Peh in school (the oral law, the one hour a week in which Israeli kids are supposed to learn something about rabbinic Judaism)?”
She replied: “We did, but who remembers! It wasn’t serious.”

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